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It’s July 3, 2019, at the time of writing this.

WordPress recently turned 16 years old and it is by far the most popular CMS powering a whopping 34% of the web.

As you might expect, this massive scale has created a robust marketplace.

WordPress’ incredible popularity has attracted hordes of web designers and developers over the last decade – myself included – and the result is over 10,000 WordPress themes and tens of thousands more WordPress plugins.

And sadly, WordPress hasn’t gotten much easier to use after all this time.

So why does this matter?

You can build literally anything you can imagine with WordPress, but new users still feel lost with this platform.

Beginners find themselves Googling more than customizing and posting more support forum threads than pages on their site.

Despite the new possibilities brought about by advancements in technology, users are too confused to take full advantage.

WordPress has an education deficit.

It is my goal with WP Answered to educate as many WP users as possible in the most effective and concise ways so that they may benefit to the fullest extent from this free, billion-dollar software called WordPress.

For aspiring creators and enterprising individuals, WordPress can be a tool of unbounded creative expression and digital commerce.

Once you’ve mastered the concepts behind WP and know how to quickly learn any new theme or plugin, building with WordPress is both fun and rewarding.

WP Answered is a new venture, so please bear with me as I bring this vision to fruition!

If you have any questions for me, please use the question submission form to request a topic you’d like covered. I’ll do my best to help however I can.

About me

If you’re wondering why I would care to create such a product, here’s why…

A little over five years ago, I opened my own WordPress theme shop called Compete Themes. I still run this business today, so if you need a new theme, go check it out!

Regardless of how the market evolved, I realized I was consistently answering questions about how to use WP day-in and day-out. After answering thousands of these questions over the years, the education deficit in the WP world became painfully apparent to me. I finally decided to try and address it by creating WP Answered.

If you have any questions you’d like to direct to me personally, you can shoot me an email at

-Ben Sibley